Our mission

We are dedicated to the care, comfort and dignity of our patients. We protect and nurture the priceless connections between our patients and their loved ones during life’s profound final transition.


While we are first and foremost professionals, we also look at each one of our patients as part of our family.  We know that the final stage of life is a challenging and extremely emotional transition. Our team is called to help individuals and families with this transition. We are dedicated to lightening burdens and easing pain as much as is humanly possible.

Our driving goal is to help you enjoy the company of your loved ones. We take care of the details and help families navigate the uncertainty that often accompanies this transition.

Our People

The team at Shalem is honored to serve our families with unwavering compassion, and we know only the most excellent care will naturally flow from those intentions.

Our team is intentionally diverse, ensuring that we have a deep understanding of the wide variety of cultures, traditions, languages and beliefs that accompany life’s final phase.


For our founder, this work is more than passion, it is her calling. And Sheril John has been following her calling for over 21 years. For her, hospice care doesn’t stop at comfort and compassion for the patient alone. Sheril and her team practice a “whole family” approach to hospice care. This means that Shalem cares for your family member and you.

Sheril knows that being welcomed into this phase of another’s life is a priceless honor. The connections Sheril builds with her patients and their families go far beyond standard medical care.

Sheril is a registered nurse with extensive experience in healthcare, including seventeen years at Medical City, Dallas, where she treated patients on a different arc along the circle of life. Sheril also owns and operates a successful home health company, Shalem Home Health, Inc.


"Thank you for the unending care you gave my Mary during her final months. I don’t believe we could have found a more efficient, caring group of people than Shalem. You were on top of everything my wife needed, and much more. I remember how pleased Mary was when Rocky painted her nails. And to you, Sheril, for delivering prescriptions even late at night. Stacy and Rocky have stopped by to visit with us since mom’s passing. In my estimation, such care was above and beyond the call of duty. You made it possible for Mary to spend her final days in the comfort of her own home. I hope that if I need hospice care, you are available."

– Dale H.